Can u suggest me a way to sell 100 units of KALPACOMME stock in BSE?

Because after the purchase date there is no proper buyer for this stock. Even I have tried AMO order which is placed in exchanges exactly @9.00, but my order is not executing. Even though there is an average trade of 5000 shares executed daily, my order is not getting executed. Please suggest me a solution.

AMO orders will reach Exchange after 9.15 am only. Instead, you place order exactly at 9.00 am . It will be executed. If you are not care about price, then place sell order at lower circuit.

It will be executed at the opening price. You will get the confirmation before 9.08 am.

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Hi bhuvanesswazri,
Even I tried placing the order in lower exactly @9 but it is not executing. LMT AMO order is placed exactly @9.00 in exchange, but it is not executing. I think there are many sell order placed b4 my order. I donno how to make it the 1st order to be executed.

Mr. Karthik, Please see lower circuit on everyday and place sell order exactly on the circuit amount by 9.00am. AMO will not do the purpose. Only way out is Preoen session. We hope for a success.

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You shouldn’t place order as LMT AMO at 9.00am. ,as it will be treated as AMO order only and will send to exchange after 9 15 am. You should place order as Limit CNC order.