Can we ask Zerodha support team to execute orders for us

I am planning a holiday tour in December where I will not be having any computer to Trade,and suppose I already have some positions and I want zerodha team to book profits/loss for me at some point of time;can I do it,and how?

yes you can take their facility

Zerodha & zerodha’s support team doesn’t manage account’s or place orders on behalf of clients. In case you want to square off your existing positions or take new positions in your trading account, you can use the call & trade facility. When you call zerodha to place orders for you, you have to confirm the Z-pin for the confirmation of the client & also there is a additional charge of call & trade Rs 20/- per executed order. You can call on 080-40402020 to place orders. Happy holiday’s…

I think whenever you call them, they will ask what order to place.
They simply place the order what limit prices your are mentioning.
They cannot trade on behalf of you and change the limit price values based on market movement.
Instead of calling, you can just place the order from your mobile for target and stop loss and leave it as it is.
This is my personal opinion.