Can we buy 63 moon technologies

Can we buy 63 moon technologies, the fundamental seems to be good and current price is very lesser than book value. Share your thoughts please

Can you plesae explain what this means?

Fundamentals are very shaky bro, I mean its only a matter of time that company will have to start venturing in some other business. You can just observe from below mentioned critical factors

  1. Its an IT company having market cap less than 500 crs
  2. Sales have reduced to half in last 5 yrs from 570 cr to 217 cr and is earning via other income instead of core business
  3. Negative Operating Cash flow since last 3 years due to lower sales but sustained direct expenses
  4. EPS is 1/11th to 5 years ago’s eps !!
  5. It is selling its fixed assets from last 5 years to earn cash and sustain and they are half of what they were 5 years ago
    There are more skeletons to be unearthed apart from above 5 factors.
    In short its a ticking time bomb and can go burst anytime. You can have a look at many alternative choices either in same sector or other. Rest the choice is yours. All the best :slight_smile:

Thanks Vipul it really helps me to understand fundamental better.