Can we buy and sell using Pi Bridge connected to Amibroker

I mean can we BUY from Pi (if connected with Bridge) once the Buy signal is generated in Amibroker (using certain AFL’s). Once buy order is completed, can we sell at a specified target of say 0.60 Points.


  1. Amibroker generates BUY Signal

  2. Pi completes the BUY (if connected with Bridge)

  3. Once position is taken by Pi, now I want to Auto Sell at 0.60 points from buy price. (eg. BUY CopperM at 342 and Sell at 342.60 - 10 LOTS)

Also, can we place a Stop Loss of say 1.0 points

Is the above sequence/steps possible by using Pi Bridge and Amibroker.

If yes, please tell how to get it done.

you can fire orders from amibroker to pi now, as per the condition given in AFL, for more details write an email to [email protected]