Can we have notes in holding also?

Can we have notes in holding also? PLEASE?

Hi @strontium, have noted your feedback. We’ll check on the possibilities. Currently, you can use the tagging feature on Console to journal your trades and investments. More in this here:

@ShubhS9 Yes, I already use the tagging feature but I need to also add information on the holdings so having notes capability would help a lotttt. So I usually sell partial quantities (mostly equal to the original price, so the remaining qtys become free), and then I want to buy them later when the price comes down eventually, so noting these is really important. I use a separate personal portal to make a note of these, so having them integrated in holding themselves would be super helpful.

Basically common notes for both watchlist & holdings will solve this issue.

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Right now I have to maintain a copy of the holding in a watchlist so that i can keep a track of such items.

You can use an automated trading journal if that fits.