Can we increase amount in ELSS instead of new Flexi cap of same AMC?

Currently i have a ELSS fund. I am planning to add flexi-cap fund from same AMC.
since ELSS are flexi-caps and portfolio overlaps around 55%. Is it ok to increase my SIP amount in ELSS itself instead of new Flexi-Caps?

Imp: AUM of ELSS is 30k+ crores. but flexi cap is 9k+crores

I feel it’s better to go with Flexi cap
as AUM size is less and moreover they give better returns at the same time there won’t be any restriction of lock in.
But you are going to miss tax benefits of ELSS. If you fully utilized better to go for Flexi.
This may not be the best advice. But it’s just the reflection of my thinking on your query.

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Thanks @gpsuraj