Can we Indians start trading on Apple, FB, Amazon, etc at NSE IFSC?

I was just reading this article which said the below stocks will start trading at NSE International exchange at Gift city. Does it mean all we retail Indian traders can participate in this?

The important bit to note here is that these are futures contracts. Currently, all products that are trading at NSE IFSC or BSE India INX - International exchanges based out of GIFT City in Ahmedabad are futures and options. Btw, these are truly international exchanges, which means all settlement happens in US Dollars. There is no STT and Stamp duty, and a lot of more sops to attract foreign investors/traders.

Indian retail investors under liberalised remittance scheme (LRS) can invest in International markets up to USD 250,000 per year. But this money can’t be used to trade futures, options, or any other leveraged product. Since all products introduced on international exchanges at GIFT are F&O, Indians can’t participate as of now. Whenever we have a depository (like CDSL/NSDL) in GIFT and exchanges start allowing buying of stocks - these exchanges will open up to all of us. (Btw, don’t see that happening anytime soon). Until then these exchanges are accessible only to FIIs, FPIs, NRIs, brokers with prop trading desks, etc.

Here is the link to the RBI circular on LRS.

All other transactions which are otherwise not permissible under FEMA and those in the nature of remittance for margins or margin calls to overseas exchanges/ overseas counterparty are not allowed under the Scheme.


> Until then these exchanges are accessible only to FIIs, FPIs, NRIs, brokers with prop trading desks, etc.

Can I start brokerage firm without Clint’s and have only proprietary trading desk and trade at exchanges at GIFT?


Well now anyone can!
(NOT at NSE IFSC to be precise, but in general, yes you can trade any stock, but will have to open a overseas account)

However it is pretty costly (may be Zerodha needs to chip in and bring in their discount brokerage model to international trading too) :slight_smile:

Currently for ICICI direct customers:

  • 1500Rs for opening a account, and
  • $9 as brokerage for every transaction

I missed the ICICI direct conference call (held on Jun 17) but details are available on web.

Interactive Brokers, US has an office at Bombay and in many other countries.
You can trade thro them US, UK, Canada, HK etc. shares.

They charge Nil for opening International account and
brokerage is only $0.005 per share (Minimum $1.0)

They are discount brokers and preceders of zerodha.

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Hello @nithin,

Saw this today and also in Business Standard it mentioned that from 3rd march retail investors can invest in US stock through NSE IFSC route. Will Zerodha support it?