Can we pledge Smallcase?


Can we pledge a smallcase for receiving a collateral margin?

@smallcase - You might want to take this one.

IMHO, small case is composed of stocks. And the stocks in small case are just like any other stocks. So technically, the answer should be yes.

Small case would be able to answer this better though


Smallcase is made of stocks. So yeah, as long as the stocks are in the approved list, you can pledge them.

Below is the link to the approved list


Thanks @Sensibull and @nithin

Of course yes, Since the stocks are credited to your Demat account directly, you can pledge them. But once when pledging is done, this will not get reflected in smallcase due to privacy reasons. You would need to let us know on this, post which we can update this in your smallcase accordingly.

Otherwise, please make sure to un-pledge this before you place a sell order for the same stock :slight_smile: