Can we sell a stock and hold for a few days and buy for profit? please clarify

I know that we can buy a scrip and hold for some days for profit. But can we do the reversal, i.e., can we sell a stock and hold for a few days and buy for profit? please clarify.

Hi , you can’t do like that in equity , only you can buy a stock in delivery basis ( CNC in zerodha ) and hold for profits , cant sell a stock in delivery basis , or you can sell a stock in intraday basis ( MIS in zerodha ) , ie sell at morning and should be closed at or before 3.20

Thanks for clarificatioin.
What is this futures? Can we do sell first and buy later after a few days as questioned before in futures? If so, what is the procedure?

NO NO NO , looks like you are not prepared for trading in futures ,my opinion / advise , dont think about entering in Futures trading at this stage , first learn trading with small capital in equity , dont be hurry to trade in futures :mask: , again telling dont enter futures , first learn in equity , whenever you get confidence then enter in fututres .

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Thanks for your sincere advise.

It would be better if you would start with mutual funds.

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you can, in the SLB segment. But liquidity is very very poor.

They should remove ban on short selling, but govt’s are scared. So not gonna happen.

Yes u can do exactly what u asked. But too damm risky. you may end up blowing the entire account