Can we still see shares in our Demat account if the company gets delisted?

Can we still see shares in our Demat account if the company gets delisted?

The shares can be seen in your Depository Account(CDSL/NSDL), not in DEMAT account

What do you mean by not in demat account? CDSL/NSDL are demat accounts only

As per my understanding DEMAT account is Broker Account + Depository Account, So once share delisted, The shares wont be visible in Brokerage App/Website. You need to check CDSL/NSDL account

A broker account is a trading account. CDSL/NSDL are Demat accounts.

What is the use of having delsited company shares in your CDSL/NSDL account?
Is there any way to earn any money from these delisted shares?

You can sell these shares off market. But you need to find buyers first.

Can the delisted company buy these shares?

Only if they want to Buyback, otherwise they are not obligated to buy

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Suspended or delisted stocks that you hold can be seen in your holdings on Console. As these are not traded on the exchanges, these will not be visible on Kite. More details here.

Can we show it as a capital gain loss when a company gets delisted? If yes, how to calculate the loss amount

When a company gets delisted, you are legally allowed to recover your capital loss on delisted shares only after your share rights get terminated. This is because the termination of your rights to the shares is seen as a transfer of ownership of the shares back to the corporation. (This is further stated in the Indian Contract Act.)
You can try to file an ITR form to claim your capital losses, however this may take some time because it is a strictly government operation. When a delisted firm goes through liquidation or is submitted to NCLT under IBC, NCLT declares the company to drop the shares and claim the loss.