Can we time the orders in Zerodha?

Okay I have to be honest I spent like at least 10 minutes thinking the title for my post. So, I’m quite sure you didn’t get what I mean by this. Here’s what I’m asking -

Is it possible that our orders get cancelled automatically if they are not hit till some time (that we will specify while placing the order)?

For example, if I place a buy Sl Bo order, it goes in pending orders right, but if I want it to be cancelled after let’s say 5 minutes, then is it possible to do somehow in Zerodha? I know you can say that hey you can do it manually but the thing is I place so many orders at once, and most of them are bo and that too they get filled in multiple legs and thus there are like 20-25 pending orders at a time in my orderbook. In times of volatility, I have really less time to cancel the ones I want to hence am asking for such a thing like automatic cancelation after specific time provided by the user.

So is this possible to do in Zerodha? If not, is such a feature in Zerodha pipeline @siva @nithin ? Or can we write code for what I’m saying in streak or kite api and then trade using that?


Not Possible.

Yes. Using Amibroker Platform connected to Kite Connect API or using StockDeveloper’s Auto Trader Interface.

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Not possible as automatic cancellation will come under algo and is not allowed for retail clients.

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If automatic time based cancellation comes under algo, then why stoploss based entry and trailing stoploss don’t come under algo, as these two also involve automation to a certain extent?

Trailing stoploss does come under algo, we got it approved as so. NSE approves only few things under algo for retail clients.

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