Can we traders in India have access to western more developed trading platform's features on kite? (Doughtrader of TD Ameritrade)

I came across a platform called dough trader which is run by the us based broker called TD Ameritrade. I went through some of its features and am quite amazed of it. It has really useful features like corelations between the stocks and some indexes, risk exposures on spreads along with a beautiful graphical representaion of the breakeven, strike and option prices and a whole other bunch of goodies a trader gets excited about, well at least me :sweat_smile: I just had to ask if zerodha kite can bring in some of those features. I know that visuals are not make it or break it thing but if there are then i’ll be great!!! If not now atleast, in about 1 year or so can we have it? What are some of your thoughts about it?

May be in the future.

I eagerly waiting for the features which Zerodha promised last year.

Still I cant get.

Maybe one day :smile:

means a lot of room for improvement…

yes, its a pretty big name too

first let ZERODHA match Indian standards.

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