Can we use pirated version of MetaStock or eSignal?

Hi! Can we use pirated or unlicensed version of Meta Stock or eSignal? I know we can use the pirated version of AmiBroker, but let me know on the Meta Stock and eSignal!

Yep possible, but do avoid. Piracy is a crime.

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Pirated version of metastock or esignal! As you are earning millions, u shud not worry abt spending subscription fees as it wud be peanuts for you. Otherwise, wait for ZeroPi to come out soon as u might get it for free i think, if u become zerodha client.

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Can we lift a banana from a grocery shop? Yep possible!

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No! Actually I have access to eSignal but the problem is multiple subscriptions for many PCs requires individual subscription which pushes the cost over lakhs per month.

Nowadays, banana shops too are having a CCTV.