Can we visit manufacturing plant of a company as a minority shareholder?

Can we visit manufacturing plant of a company as a minority shareholder? If yes, what is the procedure?

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Yes, you can!

This can be called an unethical hack, but you can give it a try and will work depending on how well you convince the company to give you access to their production facility.

Go to the company website and access the Investors Relation Page, Ring up the Investors Support/ Correspondence - point of contact. Tell them that you are going to buy a large stake in their company and would like to discuss the future prospects of the company and check out the intricacies of how the company is going to handle their business by visiting their production facilities. (Make sure you read their annual report to the depth so you can talk “Business” with them.) Voila!

Good Luck (and try not to get caught :wink: )


I have already written a mail. They didn’t reply :disappointed_relieved:. It is a small cap company (market cap around 10Crores). Are promoters obelized to show their manufacturing plant if some hold more then specific amount of shares (say more than 1 %).

Yes, you can. Like @saiography said get in touch with the investor relations team.
Or you can directly visit the plant and try bribing the watchmen. This is India and age old traditions like buy chai/cigarette to people work wonders. :stuck_out_tongue:


This might work with decent size company. The company I am talking about is a Nano Size company. Employ strength is hardly 20. You will easily get noticed. I talked to their MD but he was reluctant to share any information. My purpose of visiting manufacturing plant is to gather more information about the company.