Can you consider to reduce brokerage cost, about high IGST payable by client?

Can you consider to reduce brokerage cost, about high IGST payable by client?

Well, Zerodha does not charge a brokerage for delivery-based trading and the brokerage for all other trades is Rs.20 or 0.01%, whichever is lower. I don’t think reducing brokerage charges from these levels is economically viable for the business.

Also, the GST charged on your trades in your contract notes consists of a 9% SGST payable to the state government and a 9% CGST payable to the central government.

Which high IGST are you referring to?

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Zerodha is providing a better service and at nominal rate. I am comfortable with their current charges compared to other brokers.

True, to add it will be good if ZERODHA provide margin money for delivery positions. For mutual benefit!

I am not arguing whether Zerodha should reduce brokerage/charges or not. I believe every business should make money because its not a charity or non profit. Also I respect hard-work and intelligence. But at the same time if you are claiming it is not economically viable for Zerodha if brokerage reduced?

On internet I found that Zerodha made 350 Crores net profit during 2019 financial year and it is increasing because of additional revenues from additional clients (due to corona) , add on products like Sensibull, streak and more. And for most people this trading is still like going to casino so its a good business to be in.

So if you are saying if you reduce brokerage - Zerodha will not sustain?
Do you think everyone else (but Zerodha and its employees ) is dumb?

Like I said I am not jealous or critical about someone making money but if you are claiming that business will not sustain ? Stop misguiding innocent people.