Can you mention one unique strategy that is suitable for you

I trade in price action.

What is your strategy

My strategy is to invest in Nifty50 stocks and exit on 5 to 10 percent return which can take a week or more. Then again invest in some other stock or when the price is low.


i track the price behavior of bank nifty
last day movement + 9:15-9:30 movement, then put a certain range for buy above and sell below,
based on the 3 months back-test it good wonderful return, i applied saw it’s same in live market


Can you elaborate it more

end of the day i check it was a trend day or range bound,
then i wait for next day opening, within last day range / gap up / gap down
ii finalize to trade today or not looking at some aspects,
from formation of 1st 15min candle to 10am i simply watch it to make support or resistance
entry with the help of support and resistance level.


The Only strategy Works for me Courage to take Risk.
I am a Intraday trade and Without Risk & Courage I can’t Survive in this market.

Although, Technical analysis and Charts are the Part of the game But The most important thing is Experience with skills.

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