Can you please explain what is KITE and what are the new features in Pi

KITE is something which is going to change the way how people trades and it is accessible from any device, be it Apple or Android. KITE will give the power of a desktop trading terminal to a web-based platform and it will bring all the tools from all over the world that’ll increase your chances of being profitable.

Pi will eliminate the use of software like eSignal, Meta Stock or anything that is out for retail traders in the market.

Also, you can look forward to many mysterious but advanced tools that Zerodha will bring out in the near future. Till then, be patient and trust me, patience pays off. :slight_smile:

Pi misses out supetrend,which makes me think how can it become a advanced platform.

Do we know or have visibility to enhancements lists that you are thinking of bringing to kite. Pi seems great but does not work in office (installed but cannot login). Asked support and the reply was below par - one liner saying please use kite. lol.

Nice piece of info.

oh ok. Any idea where I can find more details on this on internet? Also let me know when is KITE and Pi going to be released? Would there be any tutorials for this or any web sessions would be conducted to train zerodha users?

Yes! There would be extensive research articles as well as extensive blog posts on Z-Conect. The new post of Pi is scheduled to go live this week which will include detailed info for Pi.