Can you put an AFL MA crossover with pi bridge plug in as a sample?

please give me a sample moving average crossover AFL,with Pi plug in to be used in Amibroker,on following parameteres

Buy and long ,when 2 ema close above 10 sma,means a long position

Sell and short,when 2 ema close below 10 sma.,means a short position,

Means reversal of positions,No stoploss will be there.

Along with this AFL,pi plugin should be attached as sample for NIFTY

Below is the AFL...

EMA1 = EMA(C,2);
SMA1 = MA(C,10);

Buy = Cross(EMA1,sma1);
Short = Cross(SMA1,EMA1);

Buy = ExRem(Buy,Short);
Short = ExRem(Short,Buy);

ORder = IIf(Buy,1,IIf(Short,2,0));
BSCond = LastValue(ORder,1);
NLmtPrice = LastValue(ValueWhen(BSCond > 0,C),1);

if (BSCond > 0)
{brd = CreateStaticObject("pibridge.Bridge");
brd.PlaceOrder ("NSE", "ACC-EQ" ,"ACC","MYAFL", BScond ,100,0, NLmtPrice, 0, "L", "MIS", "AB1234","DAY");}

Thanks,choks, you are an expert