Can you recommend any Entry and Exit strategies?

I make mistakes in Entry and Exit - both are earlier and I give away profits. Don’t know how to handle that. Can you recommend any Entry and Exit strategies?


Execution and discipline seems to be the issue.

If you have issue with Enty and Exit, use trigger based entry order system in ZT/NOW.

you can also place SL and take profit orders in ZT/NOW.


I think ur notion of having a perfect entry and exit is wrong. I believe that one should NOT try to achieve PERFECTION in timing the exact entry or exit. The Entry and Exit should be decided by the Strategy as a whole, for which an order would be placed for trading.


Keep your cool, when placing a BUY/SELL order.

Plan your Trade, then Trade your Plan.

Get it very clear on paper the price and Qty. which you want to buy/sell.

Place Stop Loss in system, not in mind.

Don’t panic, don’t get greedy. Have a clear Stop Loss and Target in place (in system)

And above all, get into confidence oozing positive frame of mind, by just believing that your particular Trade will make you profit. This is very important.


Do you use charts ? If so what indicators do you use ?

Strategies ,scrips and levels are more important

Use MACD indicator + EMA

I use this protocol when I Entry / Exit…HOW ? when crossover both indicator you should BUY / SELL.

Thanks loke4300. Yes, sometimes this may be a problem as well, but mostly, I am disciplined. I have entry and exits written down and act accordingly. My problem may be that I am giving away too much during the entry and leaving a lot on the table during exit. I usually only do long only trades.

Thanks sdg. How do I improve my strategy. It seems like my present system may be giving away a lot of profit. I think my entry and exit timing are early. Any suggestions will help.

Ok. If the present system is giving away a lot of profit, that means the system is very simple. You need to add complexity to it till u get the end result like, system just starts missing the profit by very less margin. Till then, keep adding complexities to the system in ITERATIVE & INCREMENT fashion.

Thanks sudesh. I do all that you have suggested. I also keep a trading journal. I think my main problem is with early entry and early exit. Any suggestions will help.