Can you share your experience of first year of trading.?

Today I have completed my first year of trading in market, lots of ups n downs but ended up with profit (small as 3 digits). can u share your experience of first year??

I havent completed 1 year, roughly around 80 trading days so far. Overall I should say trading was deterrent to me when I was making huge losses initially, but slowly, the view changed as I find the ways in which I could make money. Slow but steady.

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i think im eligible to answer.6 years over for me was trading when i was in college UG. from the days of geojit securities web platform & satyam computer meltdown days where remarkably nifty was down around 350+ points if my memory is good…trading experience is surely stressful,need to make profit every month,have to answer neighbors and relatives regarding what im doing in terms of my profession,confusions at certain times regarding my future,laptop have become my girl friend,eye power lost hugely,lost almost more than 2 lakh rupees… and recovering now slowly…several month and years i was out of markets due to insufficient capital.

lessons learnt:

donot trade on all signals incase following a system,market mood and sentiment is more important

donot trade a single scrip only nor trade on all the scrips.

after markets have moved ,all charts looks good.

too much indicators spoils trade

still now no best trading platform exists…hopefully pi will solve if im right.

need to create a second source of income.

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hi pravin , want to share my experience , start doing trading when i am in IIT DELHI 4 years back , in first 5 months lost almost 7 lakh rupees , but then i realize stock market is not a gamble , it runs on fundamentals and emotions , i realize that market has very deep breadth and if you understand it , you will make bucks , i take 6 months break from market and understand the deepness of market and then start trading and look today i not even turn back from that day and making very good money and can say 10 percent return on my capital per month and i increase my capital to a great extent and remember only one thing do not trust any software or signals and one last thing it all deepends upon how you predict the things ! I hope you catch my words

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same story again… I have started trading before understanding what it is. So the obvious result is huge loss. And I have taken very long break and started understanding few myths about the market and now I am making decent money and recovering my losses. Its all about, how good you are, in your prediction. And how you are responding to your prediction (either stoploss or trailing, hope you understad!!!). Market knows how much it has to give for you. Be happy with that, know your limits and don’t go beyond that.

Try to see the quality of the trade rather money. Because few money making trades will set bad example and later you may loose huge money for same type of trade.

It is all about your mental control, if you let your mind to do bad trades, dont blame the market because market knows how much it has to give for you.

These are not the advise but the things that I learnt in last 1.5 years…

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my best wishes for the rest…

thank u sir for sharing your exp. a lot to learn from u . i hope u have covered your loss. i also agree with you. trading platform need to be trustworthy n hassle free… lots of expectation from PI.

nishant im ur follower, but what do you mean by the market breadth according to you?

you have done it… i must say you are a brave man… means after losing such a big amt of money you did not give up and keep putting efforts. Bravo.

thank u sirji… by bringing this question up , i am receiving such usefull advises from experienced traders like u… wow.