Can you suggest, while using any method (i. E. Camrilla /fibonacci/ Gann method) for nifty day trading, which values are more useful, Nifty future or Nifty Sopt?

My preference is to apply the study on spot as derivative markets derives its value from the underlying spot market.


i would always look at the chart i am going to trade. so since i punch order on futures, i would prefer looking at futures price only. if u think about it in deep, futures has its own order flow, so i don't see a reason to apply studies on spot chart if intention is to trade futures.

hope it helps.

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More or less there is a premium (rarely discount too) between the Spot & Futures Market. How does a pivot/Support/Resistance determined against the Spot market help. Do you suggest that you find the PivotF(Futures Pivot) = SpotPivot + Premium?