Can you trade in this situation - Read details

Let’s say a stock’s prev. Day closing price is 200. The circuit limit for the stock is 10% on either side. And the stock is traded in futures meaning there won’t be any circuit filter for this stock and it can go any % up or down.

Now, let’s say, the stock hits the lower circuit in pre-open period i.e. comes to 180 at 9.07. Now, we all know that we can not place a buy or sell order outside the price band limit. So, now suppose if we want to place a Sl Bo sell order at 178 at 9.15 guessing that the stock will go down further then can we do it?

Yes I know that the price band moves for a future stock when the circuit is hit but by how much? And when? As soon as the circuit is hit? Is it like band moves dynamically as the price moves or is it that there’s some number like by x% band moves further down if the lower circuit is hit?

Another question.

As lower band is 180. I put bo sl with trigger 180 and price also 180 keeping target value 5 point.
What would be happened when order gets triggered?

Band moves by 5% each time

So exactly at 9:15 AM, I assume NSE would have activated the 10% to 15% price band, and your order at 178 should be able to execute

Actually no idea what would happen, at that time i think algo traders would beat normal retailers to pulp for sure

When you put that order god knows at what price it will execute as the price movement is so swift