Can your intraday strategy survive the generous volatility of Options on Index?

Dear Traders

How confident are you with your intraday strategy?

Options trading on Index needs 0% theory and 100% practical trading skill.

If you have noticed I am always pointing to trading skills more than theory.

Is your strategy more theory based or skills based?

You will know it when you test your intraday strategy on Options on Index.

Are you ready for this ultimate test?

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Objective reality or practical trading skill:

  1. Yesterday’s market (high/low) is today’s sideways market

  2. Only a COMPLEX SUPPORT can survive the complex nature of chart.
    (Price actions are basically complex supports)

Anything else is subjective perspective or excess theory.


Do you trade the market live ?

I am trading live around ten years experimentally without increasing my investment size. I am a slow learner yet a deep learner.

Would be interesting to see your verified P&L.

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I follow a simple strategy of price actions for options. No rocket science, trend, price actions, and momentum are enough, including options valuation as per the strikes and underlying.

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You are a living proof that options trading is safe when trading with skills more than money. I am referring to price actions as trading skills ofcourse.

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If you have 1 crore without skills you cannot make even a penny…but ofcourse when luck favors you will make big also with such a huge amount. But when you posses skills, with even 5k you can grow it to 5 lakhs also. But trading is a long term process be it cash or option…you have to put money, efforts and skills…all are interdependent.

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This is what I have been telling…

Trading skills is the real investment.

Trading skills is the real risk management

Trading skills means timing the trade, which is basically price actions

Even for swing traders based on market analysis need to know how to time the trade otherwise stoploss easily hits.

I don’t consider hedging as pure trading skills

If you are totally dependent on hedging then it only implies that you neither have market analysis skills not price action skills.

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Today’s Bank Nifty move was a classic example and very simple to pick when trading consistently above 45000. Price actions suggested grabbing the Bank Nifty for a rally of at least 700 points as it broke out of the consolidation zone of 44400–45100. But one who made it complicated to analyze the option chains (OI, PCR, etc.) must have missed the rally. For index trading, price action is at the top of the list. This is my personal opinion only, and I may be 100% wrong for others as well. :laughing:

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My posting feature was suspended and resumed now.
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I got a system alert that my account was on hold. Later it said no longer on hold.

I must replace controversy with creativity.

That’s what every good philosopher will do.