Candle stick pattern study

To study any chart with candle stick pattern, what is the time period to be studied to know which type of pattern it is formed.

For ex: If we study 15min candle or 1hr candle or 1day candle type of candle will vary.

As an intraday trader which time period to be select and study the candle stick patters to get more confidence and form own strategy.

Hey just check on to this link …it might help you out.

I have gone through the Technical analysis in Versity. But there is no answer to my questioin.

@Ravi_Shakar if you are an intraday trader as you’ve told.

Better you see 5 - 15 mins chats as per your convenience

Always use multi time frame analysis. As you are an intraday trader, determine the trend on the 4H and 1H time frame and then look to enter on 15-30M timeframe.