Cannot run MIS with day candle interval

Hello @Streak,

I am facing issue while back testing, its giving me an error “Cannot run MIS with day candle interval”.

if this is case then how to create algo which takes days candles close/open price and place MIS order?


It can be done by selecting the intraday candle interval of your choice, say 1min
Then For day’s open - you can use opening range(open,1min), this will give open price of the day(which is same as open price of the first minute candle of the day.
For close of the day - you will have to wait for the day to close.
For yesterday open/high/low/close you can use prev N(open,-1,day).
This was covered in today’s Streak webinar as-well.
For any futher specific doubts feel free to reach to our support[@]


Thanks for your quick reply, However it does not fit my requirement when i backtest it and check result it showing different than expected.
requirement is place MIS order at 9.16 always and exit at EOD.
Could you please share code for that ?

You want to place order always at 9:16 or based on some criteria or you always want to enter at 9:16am directly?