Capital Requirement for futures and options trading

Hi i want to know how much capital is required to do futures or options trading , my target profit is around 2000-3000 per week. also please suggest which futures or options i can trade with less capital. kindly help with answers if you can please:slightly_smiling_face:


But beware there’s nothing like fixed returns and 95% traders end up losing all of their money.


Upto 10 to 12k…but what’s your experience like are you trading or gonna start now

i’m already trading on equity stocks for past 6 months. so really 10 - 12k is fine to start ?

See its not about money. Its about how you trade.

If you bought GOLDPETAL on 12th May around 4600 and sold it yesterday at 4860, you would have nearly doubled your money as margin required is only Rs 320/lot.

Similarly, you could have doubled your money with SILVERMIC contract.

Whereas, if you shorted these contracts 1 week earlier, you would have lost all of your money.

Don’t put any money in trading that you can’t lose to afford entirely. And always remember that there’s no fixed returns in the market.

As a side note, Zerodha’s brokerage of Rs 48/FNO transaction (incl GST) will make break even very tough for you with a small capital. Try Finvasia. They have 0 brokerage on FNO too.

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thanks that was very helpful