Capital use kaise karna chahiye

1 lac capital ka use option buying or selling mai kis trha se krna chahiye

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Bhai job mai ya skill set improve krne mai time lgalo, bhut benefit mai rhoge, kuch ni hoga 1 lakh se.


Built your skills and built capital from other sources .There is a reason its called capita market for a reason, nothing works without capital!


Mai 2 saal se tradiing kr rha hun pr profitable nhi hua hun abhi hone lga hun

Knowing when not to use capital is equally important in trading. If you’ve been trading for a while and still loosing money, take a break.

Before restarting, examine your core intent for trading. Trading isn’t for everyone, quitting now may save you a lot of grief going forward.

Right, Bhai. I agree that investing time in improving my job skills can bring significant benefits. I understand that relying solely on a salary of 1 lakh might not lead to substantial growth. I’m determined to work on enhancing my skill set to open up more opportunities and increase my chances of success. Appreciate your insight!

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