CapitalVeda Training


Is it worth to join CapitalVeda Training in Bangalore?
Can we earn money in intraday trading after CapitalVeda Training?



Do not join This Or Any Other Courses…!! Its Just Waste of Money in my opinion.

You have to Developed Your Own Style… And Everything is Available on YouTube And Various Site for Free… You just have to look for it…!!

And if you Are to Eager to Learn you will find Everything on YouTube anyways… Where There is a Will there is a Way…!


Yes true, Mr. Nagabhushan, tutor/owner of CapitalVeda, doesn’t answer any of my trading related questions. He demotivates me always. He says teaching is his duty doesn’t support to make money in trading.
He is also not ready disclose “how much money he or his students are making from trading everyday”.


How much did you pay?


Market is just a fight between buyers & sellers…In sideways market both are in equal control… From sideways whichever side wins trend starts in that direction…

That’s it. Your training is over…
Now open candlestick chart & keep watching chart… Learn to see in chart who is in power at the moment…
Don’t predict market let the chart speak with decisive candle closing above or below crucial levels…

Learn from YouTube videos & books. .market Gurukul or amols training learning videos even Ghanshyam tech chart reading videos after gaining knowledge… But start to trade with capital… Concentrate on price action first…

Or if you really want to take training then join only for learning not for earning… Find a mentor who is genuine from others who has taken course earlier…
Its just my view…


I was eager to join, but my questions didn’t get satisfying answers.
Now dropped the plan to join.


Finding a genuine mentor is almost impossible, every mentor is part or scam. OR mentor just teaches but he doesn’t trade the market.