CASTROLIND Chart query


There is some mismatch that am finding and I am trying to find out which the correct data/chart:

I have checked on the following platforms and I find some mismatch:

I have checked using the below platforms for the daily candle of CASTROLIND dated 26-Jun-2014 and the closing price of that day was at:

Kite : 156.39
Pi: 156.39
Investing : 156.39

icharts : 157.15
moneycontrol: 157.15 : 157.15
Yahoo finance: 157.15

Do any of the guys use any other platforms for viewing charts ? If so, cld you pl let me know the closing price of that day 26-Jun-2014

Also, am wondering which is the correct closing price ? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help !

Ok, pl correct me if am wrong… based on historical NSE data, here it is:

There was a bonus issue on : 07-11-2017 ( bonus : 1 : 1 )

So, per NSE data, the closing price on 26-Jun-2014 was at 157.15 X 2 ( due to bonus ) = 314.3

But Zerodha charting is shown as:
Kite : 156.39
Pi: 156.39

So, is that an error ?

Can anyone pl provide me an insight into this ?

anyone ?


There are times when there is an exponential increase in volume in the last minutes of a trade session. On a regular basis the closing price would mean that it was the last traded price for the day but that doesn’t always hold true. Sometimes due to heavy volume all the orders and their resultant price changes aren’t updated in real time, the actual closing price determination takes some time to process due to the heavy volume and is sent over after the session. By that time the charting software has stopped taking quotes and hence the price isn’t updated with the official closing price for the session. There is also the factor of the consolidated quote system which again has the same affect as the aforementioned. And this happens with opening prices too at times. Best practice would be to check the NSE website for the official opening and closing prices.