Categorization of holdings

Hi Zerodha team,

Is it possible to categorize my holdings on Kite or any connected site in groups like - Core holdings, technical bets, Smallcase, Reco by XYZ and so on?

The problem is my holdings page runs into about 50 stocks and I find it hard to map them to my buying rationale. A categorization option would be great.

Additionally, if it possible to name each of the marketwatch tabs? Please add this feature if possible.


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Currently you can categorize smallcase and Kite separately. Check below. Custom categorization is something that we plan to add in the future. Naming marketwatch tabs would mean losing real estate on the screen, so don’t want to do that.

Thank you Nithin, funny I hadn’t noticed the existing categorization option yet.

Would be great if you could add more custom options there and for the market watch, you could explore having names for each tab when hovered over the number. Please look into it.

Love your platforms, they’re awesome.


What’s the status of this feature? Dropped or still thinking or being implemented?