CDSL Easiest - Stock Transfer from one Demat to another

Hello Everyone,

Recently i have created my account for CDSL easiest and it was approved by DP as well.
After setting up everything like ( Trusted demat account), i have tried to transfer the stocks from one demat account ( Motilal DP) to another DP ( Zerodha DP).

But it was rejected and when i have contacted the Motilal DP , they said due to technical issue they are unable to do this e-DIS. They asking me to submit physical DIS process.
So my question here that if anyone has tried CDSL easiest transfer?
Is it really worked for anyone here?

How to reach for help from CDSL? How to escalate this?

Any input is really appreciated


Hello Experts,

Can you please share your experience?



I have tried twice and experience was pretty smooth. Shares got transferred within 24 hours. How did you come to know about technical problem at Motilal DP? If you can share any mail message here, may be people can help you out.
Also I suggest you to initiate Transfer process after couple of days from the day when you would see successful upgradation to easiest from easi. There are good number of videos on YouTube for this guide.

Yes I did from prostocks to zerodha and works fine as expected.

Thank you @buzzsubash @ankur0101
Finally it worked for me.
I have managed to transfer my first stock via CDSL easiest.
Though i am struggling with Motilal Oswal to transfer my shares


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Good one…!

@sabankl87 - Did your Motilal Oswal problem got resolved? I am facing the same issue