CDSL reduced charges, will Zerodha too?

I have shared the link above.

I have no problem paying the AMC. I know what Zerodha offers and what value it holds.

I used to think of it as a maintenance charge now since the topic arose I’m curious to know how it works etc. And as an informed customer, naming matters for me. I’m ready to pay a subscription but call it a subscription only.

Can you waive off AMC charges for FNO traders ? if they have already paid certain amount of brokerage (i.e. 10,000+ INR per FY ) to Zerodha.

(Just a suggestion. 300 + GST is nominal fee.)

Thank you for your response. If I could pay 199 rupees per month to Netflix, I suppose 300 +gst per year would not be a problem to maintain and invest. Best.

That’s pretty logical.