Certain features most needed

Certain features are most required.

  1. Algos are auto terminated if we cancel the populated alerts. It is not necessary that we take all the alerts populates. Algos should not terminate even if orders are canceled.

  2. No option to place bracket orders - there is no option to place bracket order directly from streak alerts. If we want then we have to do it manually. Which I think should be allowed from the alert screen only for faster placing of bracket orders so we get good leverage.

  3. In case of time frame upto 30 min… Only 30 days backtest is allowed, which I think is an another issue because we have data in zerodha, 1 min intraday day data for 120 days… We can connect the data for 120 days of backtest… So traders can make good judgment of strategy.

  4. I think portal will incorporate more customizable strategies like… Low is lowest in previous 10 candles and soo on and so forth…

i agreee here…these options should be available at streak

even one indicator is missing stochistic rsi which gives good signals

OPENING RANGE BREAKOUT IS NOT CORRECT. there is no option to place order on high of first 5,15, 30 or 1 hour candle instead it placed the order at close of first candle crossed above.,candle rangebas stop loss is also not available which is first requirement of ORB stretegy.