Change in average price

I bought 150 shares of a stock at 16.6 on Wednesday. But on Friday, the average bought price changed to 16.85. Why it got changed? But Thursday it was 16.6 only. How is it possible?

did you put a limit order or a market order? and did you buy the same share again on next day?

I put market order. Didn’t buy any shares after that. So if I put market order, does it change on the second day?

No it does not change on second day but because you put a market order all the shares were not bought on the price you wanted because market price fluctuates every second . That’s why your average price was higher some cases it can be lower also it depends on the instanaeous price. If you want to get a certain price you have to put a limit order.

Yes, I understand that. But, the average price should have changed immediately, after I placed the order, right? But it changed after two days! Would there be any problem? Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I think that might have a late update due to the software that’s all