Changes & ammendments by SEBI & brokers

What are some changes SEBI, NSE & brokers should make as per you to make trading better?

How about zero brokerage, zero DP, only profit sharing…

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Technological development. Zerodha has done well in this respect but a long way to go. Things like stock alerts should be free of cost and available to everyone. A free basic black Sholes option price calculator should be provided by the broker cause websites are providing it for free anyway. And yes, ofcourse a better stock screener too. I’m okay with the brokerage goes up but I’m not gonna pay for these services seperately.
Premium services should only include the ones which may have very high R&D cost, for example: a very advanced screener or an AI to calculate the volatility, beta or systematic or unsystematic risk to the folio.


Price alerts on is for free. Only the advanced alerts are charged.

These alerts run on cloud and not on your machine. There is a cost of hosting this and running it continuously on the cloud. If this was running on your machine like every other alert engine, you wouldnt’ get an alert when your machine is off - exactly when you need alerts.

Have you checked out has an option calculator, option chain and a lot more free. They are a standalone business, spending a lot of man hours to build and support. So there have to be premium features for them to run and sustain.

We are continuously working on offering a lot more to help everyone. Some will come for free, some will be paid. Many of these are from our startup partnerships. These startups if they can’t make money, they won’t be around. So it is in our interest to make sure they survive and thrive so we can see a lot more innovations from this ecosystem.


Oh boi, this looks like my kind of thread. There are a couple of major changes needed indeed. Like I think smaller lot sizes are needed. And exposure margin rule should be taken back. And everyone’s dreaded networth margin and additional margin requirements shouldnt be even brought over. And reduce STT for options please.

@Sensibull Website says it’s free (lite and pro) until 15 dec. What will be the charges of the lite and pro after this free trial period?

No update on the website and no answer from @Sensibull regarding fee

Hey Shivam. We are still free. The plan charges will be 800 for lite and 1300 for pro

Thanks for reply…

It’s per month or per annum?

Hey sorry I should have mentioned that. This is per month. There is a 6 month plan at a 20% discount