Changing Culture: Shift Small Habits for Big Wins

After working in different environments over the years, I’m intrigued about how company culture affects the workplace.
I’m a big believer that a company culture that breeds trust and cooperation in the workplace, will succeed.
Alison Randel writes about how companies can improve culture with small shifts to bad habits in the workplace.
She begins by explaining that habits consist of three parts: trigger, routine and reward.
So to can change culture, it’s important to first identify the poor habits and behaviours that require change.
What are the triggers, routines and rewards of these bad habits?
Small shifts are what improve the bigger organisational culture. It all begins with one step at a time.
If you look at culture change as a series of successful habit shifts, the process of making it a reality starts to feel more achievable. The impact of one small change across every team in your organization means hundreds or thousands of interactions shifting to align with the culture you want. It’s not simple, but there are practical approaches you can take to move the needle.

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