Charges / Fees for holding transferred units from ICICIDirect to Zerodha

Dear Nitin,

Wanted to check will there be any monthly charges / fee (Rs.50 pm) for holding my regular MF units in Zerodha Coin or Zerodha demat a/c, transferred from my other Demat a/c (IciciDirect).


Ramesh, no charges if you are holding regular MFs. The subscription fee of Rs 50 will be applicable only when you invest in direct MFs and the total investments cross Rs 25000. BTW why regular? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response Bhuvanesh. Well those were the regular units I have been holding through SIP for few years now which i wanted to transfer to Zerodha. But now since we have the direct MFs in coin I will go for it.

Happy investing.