Charges / Taxes on Trading / Transaction

I was just going through the charges (

We pay multiple types of fees / charges / taxes

  1. Brokerage - Paid to broker through whom we trade (FAIR)
  2. Exchange - Charges a transaction charge
  3. Regulator - SEBI charges of Rs 15 per crore
  4. Government - STT / Stamp Duty / GST
  5. ST / LT - Short term / Long term capital tax on profit

I strongly feel one should pay brokerage + nse / bse + sebi fees / charges and pay GST on those charges (which effectively goes to the state and central government)

After introducing GST and specially Long Term Capital Gain Tax, there is no need to burden traders / investors with STT and Stamp Duty separately.

The cost of trading even with Zerodha’s super low brokerage of Rs 20 per trade can be quite steep for a intraday scalper / algo trader who trades in high volumes

@Priyank_Nevatia : in same way DIVIDEND on equity share is TRIPLE TAXATION ;(1) company our company has paid tax on income (2) on this tax paid income again there is Dividend distribution tax (3) now we have Dividend tax on total receipt of rs 10 lakh or more in a financial year.