Chart - Volume by Price or Volume Profile

Hi Team,

How can I draw Volume by Price or Volume profile on kite Charts?


Volume Profile indicator is available on ChartIQ.

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Thanks for such a quick reply… :ok_hand:

I prefer to use tradingview charts. Don’t we have volume profile charts in TradingView charts?

I’m waiting for the same. Will we ever get Volume Profile on TV? @siva

Volume Profie is there on Trading View

Is it available ? @Lalit_Kishor
It’s available in trading view website but not in Kite I think.
I don’t use kite charts, so I’m not sure.

T.V get;s the job done for charting perfectly

@Lalit_Kishor how did you add volume profile in TV? I am unable to find. Please help.

@Lalit_Kishor , this is only available in TVs website note in kite.