Charting on tv, monitor , or otherwise

Is that possible?
Anyone who has experience of displaying charts on tv, please suggest

All you need is to connect to TV or MONITOR to laptop using HDMI cable. Post that you can extend your display

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And what about screens little distant from laptop, how good is wireless connection if anyone uses it?

Wireless is possible if you have a smart TV or chrome cast.

However, it’s not going to look great and will lag slightly.

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And any advices about controlling 2 screens simultaneously? My laptop has 1 hdmi

Maybe by connecting tv’s 2nd hdmi with another screen.

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You can buy a Hdmi splitter from Amazon

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What i see on google, is 1 in multiple out hdmi splitter would show same content on the multiple screens. Any way of showing content 1 on screen 1 and content 2 on screen 2?

Cast display mobile to TV if TV is a smart TV

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You can enjoy 3 screens with one laptop, each screen seperate display as per need.
Screen 1 is ur Laptop screen.
Screen 2 is second screen connected with vga cable.
Screen 3 is third screen connected with HDMI port of ur Laptop. Nothing extra configuration required.
Also, 1, 2 or 3 can also be interchanged as per need.

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Would screen 1 2 and 3 be displaying different things, example nifty, bnf and vix at the same time?

Tv would display the exact same thing as my mobile screen right?


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Yes of course. Multiple Scrips, Multiple timeframes of a single or different scrips, Multiple stretegy based indicators, whatever you want. You can even watch option chain in one screen, Market watch/ Order Book/ positions on another, Charting on another, or all on different screens or watch a movie. Each screen will act as a separate PC with one single Laptop. The best thing is, you need not to buy any extra hardware. One single mouse, one single keyboard will control everything. Enjoy the idea and feel free to ask how.

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for example, i have screen 1 as laptop, screen 2 as HDMI connected, screen 3 as VGA connected.

Currently, my not-so-smart led tv can be connected through hdmi (my tv has hdmi stb and hdmi dvi, total 2 hdmi ports and both work similarly) to laptop and it shows exact same content as on laptop. In other words. screen 1 and screen 2 are displaying the exact same thing, when screen 1 goes to sleep or changes the chart, screen 2 also does exactly the same and goes blank or changes chart respectively.

My question is, would this limitation no more exist in smart tv and screen 1 and 2 would then be different ?

These might be helpful for extending your display (aka having separate browser/program show in each of your 3 monitors) -