Chinese Markets Under serious pressure

Holy Shit!!

It has not closed (so could recover…)… of course… but I’ve never seen such a big move in indices before…

You must have know,
Corona virus (deadly) virus is in china all around!

Yeah… but 8% fall on index is huge… may be because of the holidays they took last week…

They track hong kong markets, as u said due to holidays mainland markets are adjusting themselves

Since it was closed for holidays, and most global markets also fell 5% over the same time period, and China is epicentre of the virus, so 8% gap down is no big deal.

Indian pharma companies should find a cure for life threatening coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as soon as possible.

Good move but don’t think it will remain from tomorrow.

how is it possible if the stock is also into f&o ?

Made in China Market!!

China had even banned FIIs from shorting one time few years ago, so this is nothing big for them :sweat_smile:

U mean STBT ?