choose between zerodha or ICICI for trading investing

which one is better to choose

zerodha or ICICI

for trading and investing !!!

I’d say Zerodha any day. But I might be conflicted. :slight_smile:



I am not being biased here but I would prefer zerodha for trading and investing but for all other products I would go with ICICI . ICICI is the best bank be it credit cards or bank account or insurance products but I didn’t like their trading and investing product.
Few cons
The brokerage is really high!!!
Trading platform is very old (Trade racer is really bad, it was good couple of years ago but now it’s way too outdated)
Plus I hate their Realtionship managers asking me to invest or trade (they call you atleast twice in a month)


Same here Zerodha’s recommended , in traditional broker RM will try to trade this and that , zerodha peaceful DIY

I would refer Zerodha. For investing ICICI charges you high brokerage whereas Zerodha charges zero brokerage for delivery.

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Definitely Zerodha. ICICI is good but high brokerage and charges. Zerodha is low on cost and have come up with many facilities and constantly improving.

Zerodha is good for trading and investment on equity and derivatives
But for Mutual fund go for other broker because Zerodha not provide AMC sip(most of the mutual fund) its provide own SIP which is big amounts to person i.e min sip 5000 per mutual fund scheme with initial investment 5000, now personal have ther own personal expensive or investments which it make huddle
Also zerodha not provides corporate FD.

I will say for trading and investment go for zerodha but other type of financial products go for other

SIP is available in COIN go and check, only zerodha coin have flexiable sip bhai , no other

Is that even a question, that’s like asking who is a better player, Ahmed Shehzad or Virat Kohli.


Zerodha has better UI, layout, etc. Also personally, I haven’t had the best experience when dealing with ICICI:

a) Last year, I made around 2.9 lakh doing trading, which isn’t the greatest amount, but not too bad since this was my first serious year at trading. This financial year, I’m already at around 4 lakhs. Now sometime back, ICICI had an offer where they would give you a Credit Card with an FD of Rs 20000 without any need of income proof or anything (weeks later, this offer was at Rs 10000). I applied for the same and received a call from some agent the next day. He verified a few details like name, age etc., and then he asked me what I did for a living. I told him I’m a stock trader and then there was silence for 2-3 seconds after that. He didn’t understand and asked me ‘‘stock trader means?’’. I told him again the same thing, this time explaining further that I mainly trade in the F & O segment. He again had no clue. This kind of thing went on for around a minute with him barely understanding anything and in the end he asked me my total income from the year. I told him that, after which he said he’ll have to verify from his senior and quickly hung up the call. I never heard from him or anyone else after that. I followed up on this but never received any response. Now I understand most companies don’t give Credit Card at that net annual income but then why did they advertise such a thing!? I already have an ICICI Credit Card at home, and the only reason I applied was because I had a savings account there, and thought the process would be quick and seamless. Instead, I’m stuck with an FD now.

b) They keep advertising their classroom weekend courses but never follow the dates mentioned on their site. I took one when I had just started out (didn’t know about Varsity at the time), and had to change my travel plans just because I had already paid for it.

These things aren’t directly related to trading but I personally don’t have that trust factor when it comes to ICICI (And their RM keeps calling even though I have literally not picked his/her call for a year).

TL;DR- Zerodha good, ICICI bad.


Did you check there sip amount when you select it initial investment is 5000 and after that 5000 sip
Mean if you want to invest in mutual fund you need 10000 first time after that 5000

Now go and check other broker initial investment is none and minimum amount is 1000

Let say out of my monthly budget I invest 5000 on MFs

Now in coin app I can only investment 1 scheme

Where I planned my portfolio with 5 different fund each fund alloted 1000 each, each fund have specific assets where I want to invest

Now you can see the difference

Zerodha is like Reliance Jio… Revolutionized trading, be in discount brokerage model, charting platform, educational initiatives as well as ease provided to traders… Thanks @nithin sir …

Always good to have a backup. I’d suggest Upstox over ICICI.

Zerodha is like Paytm, while Upstox is like PhonePe which is quickly catching up with enticing offers and reliable platform. Soon it will be a two-horse race between these two.

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Upstox has been gaining more customers than Zerodha of late (source below), which has led to Upstox steadily rising on the biggest brokers chart every month. A lot of people I know are shifting from traditional brokers like ICICI/Kotak to Upstox thanks to its discount model AND referral program. I myself shifted from Zerodha to Upstox a few months ago because Zerodha team couldn’t be bothered to fix the glitches reported by me in the new mobile app.

Seeing the rate at which Upstox is adding customers, I’m 100% sure that it will be among the top 2 in the next 2-3 years. I remember Nithin Kamath saying somewhere that only Paytm (if they get into this business) has the potential to compete with Zerodha. Well, Zerodha will have to deal with Upstox first.

On the long run, only discount brokers will be able to expand their customer base. The other dominant players will soon struggle to retain clients. A lot of these banks open 3 in 1 (savings+demat+trading) accounts instead of a plain savings account in order to artificially boost their numbers.

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