1st of all, I will really appreciate who can answer this as no one has been able to answer. My question is very simple and I have been to all websites of nseindia and and studied all the complicated rules on how a stock goes into T2T and then comes out of it. What no has been able to tell is

"When stock comes out of T2T…what is the circuit limit rule? for example ARIES AGRO got into T2T on 14th Nov last year. It came out of T2T this Feb 18. Now it has 5pc limit. When will this limit go away? What is basis of 5% for ARIES AGRO? When the limit is raised, will it be 10% or 20%?

I will be amazed of anyone can provide a logical answer and not paste and copy boilerplate stuff that is alrdy posted here in other answers or on quora and other websites.

Thanks in advance

You need to send mail to SEBI. The answer though would be standard like depending on volume, volatility, no of share holders, trade etc No standard template. I will suggest get use to regulations of SEBI without wondering how it works. Although I am still struggling to understand rules getting framed by SEBI and the frequency with which they keep changing it.

QUOTED: “The circuit filters are reduced to 10 % or 5 % or 2 % as the case may be, based on the criteria decided by the Surveillance Department.”

If they publish their checklist, the operators would find a way around it.

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I have written an email, no response it has been 2 weeks that I wrote email to SEBI. So after 2 good people trying to answer…the fact is no one knows??