Clarification Needed - Skip Button during TPIN Authorization on Zerodha App and on Web

If someone taps the SKIP Button, wouldn’t he/she be charged penalty for short delivery or one has to complete TPIN authorization by the end of the day by 5pm?


Is this SKIP Button option is enabled just for exceptional cases and doesn’t require TPIN Authorization by the end of the day? (I don’t think this is the case, but still).

I was not able to find any clarification on this on Zerodha Bulletin?

AFAIK, One will be required to authorize the debit of the sale transaction before OR after carrying out the trade before 5:00 PM on the day of the trade.

Any useful information regarding this is welcome…


I too would like a clarification on this.

(Was just about to authorize DDPI, then saw this!)

@ShubhS9 @MohammedFaisal @Bhuvan @nithin
Any update/help regarding this?

On the election result date, CDSL had given us approval to skip authorization. It was on an exceptional basis due to activity in the markets.


@nithin Thanks for clearing this…

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