Clarification on F&O margin from pledged shares

I had pledged shares from my demat account around 23/24 may 2018 . I have been using it for F&O margin in June , July and August F&O Positions (NRML).
As per the following link :

If 100% collateral value of pledged shares is not used even on one single day , then unpledge would happen automatically once in quarter. I have been using about 10-30% of collateral margin as F&O margin in my different positions in June,July and August.
Please provide clarifications on the following:
1)Will my pledged shares be automatically unpledged even If I have open F&O positions using it partially for margin ?
2)If so when it will happen ? Because even now I have open F&O positions which I am planning to close near Aug expiry.
3)Can you provide full details with example . and how can I continue to hold my positions till expiry if unpledge happens automatically.
4)Will automatic unpledge happen automatically only for the unused collateral value or for the entire pledged collateral value?
regards Srinidhi

Hey @srinidhikrs,

You don’t have to utilize 100% of the collateral margin - even partial use is considered.


If you have pledged stocks for collateral margins & you have not utilized it for over 90 days (quarter) it will be considered for quarterly settlement. Based on what you have selected in Q in the ‘profile’ tab.

so lets say I have 10 lac as collateral margin and I most I have at least for one overnight within 90 days is 3 lac …than remaining 7 lac worth of securities will be unpledged and returned to me?

SEBI allows a member to retain 2.25 times the overnight margins, and then if there’s surplus, it is returned to clients account.

In your case 2.25 times of 3 lakhs is 6.75. So out of 10 lakh’s, 6.75 lakhs will be retained and securities worth of 3.25 lakhs will be unpledged and returned to you.

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