Clarity Regarding AMO - SL Orders

I have a query regarding AMO orders.

Generally when I put the AMO orders with MARKET PRICE EXECUTION, many of them get filled at 9:07 AM, before market opens, during the pre market opening session.

Like this -

But, for example, if the stock price is 100 today, and I send an AMO order with SL-M to buy at 102, when will that order be actually filled in case of gap-opening?

a) If price gaps to 102.05 in pre market opening session, my order will be filled at 9:07 AM just like a normal Market Order (like the one screenshot attached above).
b) If price gaps to 102.5 in pre market opening session, my order will only be filled at or after 9:15 AM, as after triggering the Stop Loss Trigger Price, market order will only be sent at 9:15 AM.

Also, if the answer to the above is (b), what if I send an AMO-SL order, instead of SL-M, with trigger price at 102 and price at 103. What happens then?

@siva @ShubhS9