Client id not given

My kyc was approved 3 days before but still I not received any mail regarding client id please confirm me when will I receive my client id

You should have received client ID and password 1 week back itself. KYC approval is required for trading in Equity.

Call Zerodha support or best to drop a mail.

It should be bcas last 3 days it was continuous holidays. 2nd October - Gandhi Jayanthi, 3rd was Saturday and today 4th is Sunday. Wait for Monday, U shall receive ID’s for trading in futures and options, for trading in equities and commodities you will have to wait maximum 7 working days until demat account is opened.

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Thanks for the reply sir but the thing is I sent my documents to zerodha before 3days on the same day they sent me mail regarding ipv and I successfully done ipv and they also approved it but still they not sent any client id

Thanks for giving answer