Closing of Options on expiry

Hi All,

I wanted to understand if I have sold out of the money put option and on the expiry the options are still out of the money.

Is it ok if I do not close these OTM put options since they are worthless? I wanted to understand if I can leave them without buying in order to save the brokerage on the buying side?

Ex : I have sold Banknifty 10th Jun 34500pe and Bank nifty closes at 35000 on 10th of Jun do I mandatorily also need to close this option by Buying the same or can I just leave it without closing since the option expires worthless (to save brokerage on buying side (10 lots *20 rs per lot = 200rs ).


Yes, you can leave the position as it is. No brokerage will be levied.

No need to close the position, it will automatically settled. Since it’s OTM so no brokerage.

Also the brokerage is per order, not the per lot.


You sell 10 lot of 35000 PE in one order.

Brokerage = 20 Rs. ( Irrespective of the no of lots)

Thanks a lot for your inputs, So basically I would be savings buy order brokerage, STT and well as I do not have to buy back the options (at 0.1 or 0.15rs ex: For 20 lots, 0.15*500=75 rs) which can be significant amount in long run.