Closing price incorrect in Smallcase Screener for all the stocks

Hi All,

In the Smallcase screener, the closing price that is shown is lagging by one day. On 12th July 2017 11:00PM, it is showing closing price of 11th July 2017 for all the stocks. For example, in case of Reliance Industries the closing price of 12th July 2017 is 1511.10 on NSE exchange, but instead of showing this price, it is showing 1494.3 which is yesterday’s price.

Why is this so? Please guide.


Hi Siswa

Stock data on screener is updated once every day at 6.30 am


Thanks a lot for answering, Vasanth.

Wouldn’t it be very useful if the data is updated in the evening the same day as it be very helpful for all the Zerodhites to screen stocks?


Yes, working on the same :slight_smile:

Hi, is this feature implemented yet?


Is this feature implemented?

Yes, prices are updated on the same evening by 7 pm now



Awesome. Thank you :slight_smile: