Closure of Demat Acc and transfer of shares

Hi, I wish to close and transfer all my shares from HDFC sec to Zerodha.
For the same, I had asked for a hardcopy of CMR from Zerodha and submitted the complete demat closure form in my HDFC bank 2 months ago.
Now, bank is telling me that application is rejected because CMR is not proper. They want the header to be in name of Zerodha Securities instead of Zerodha Broking Limited.
Is this justified or they are just not interested in closing my account?
What can I do?

Please note currently we have merged zerodha securities with zerodha broking limited. If you wish to transfer the shares we will be providing Zerodha broking limited CMR with zerodha broking seal.


Thank you for the reply. I have created a support ticket in Zerodha to get the CMR again.
As you mentioned, Zerodha broking limited CMR with zerodha broking seal will do my work.